Interface Summary
ExampleData All classes which provide an access to example data for JUnit tests should implements this interface.
OutputFormat All classes which provide an output format for JUnit tests should implements this interface.

Class Summary
FeatureIteratorImpl This is an iterator for IFeatures.
Field Defines a column of a attribute table.
FormatHelper This class presents static methods to determine the GMLVersion and the GMLSchema.GMLType of the input and output data.
GMLSchema Describes a GML schema with URL, GMLVersion and GMLSchema.GMLType.
OutputFactoryExt This class can used from a SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm, to create output objects like IVectorLayer, IRasterLayer or ITable.
SextanteFeatureCollectionStreamer This class allows to steam a FeatureCollection for execute a process.
SextanteFeatureCollectionStreamReader This class will be need to read Feature for Feature from FeatureCollection as Stream.
SextanteFeatureCollectionStreamWriter This class can be use to write a FeatureCollection, Feature for Feature on a Stream.
SextanteProcesslet This class presents a Processlet with a SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm Therefore this class must differentiates all input and output parameters of a SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm.
SextanteProcessProvider ProcessProvider that provides Sextante processes.
SextanteProcessProviderProvider ProcessProviderProvider for the SextanteProcessProvider.
SextanteWPSProcess This class presents a WPSProcess with a SextanteProcesslet and creates the ProcessDefinition on the basis of the SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm.
VectorLayerAdapter The VectorLayerAdapter has methods to create a IVectorLayer from a Geometry,
Feature or FeatureCollection and methods to create a Geometry, Feature or FeatureCollection from a IVectorLayer .
VectorLayerImpl Manages features to execute a SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm.

Enum Summary
GMLSchema.GMLType Describes the type (like GEOMETRY or FEATURE_COLLECTION) of the GML data.

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