Interface FeatureCollection

All Superinterfaces:
Collection<Feature>, Feature, GMLObject, Iterable<Feature>, Object, TypedObjectNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractFeatureCollection, GenericFeatureCollection

public interface FeatureCollection
extends Feature, Collection<Feature>

A feature collection is a collection of Feature instances.

Note that a FeatureCollection is a Feature itself, which complies to GML feature collection definitions.

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Method Summary
 FeatureCollection getMembers(Filter filter, XPathEvaluator<Feature> evaluator)
          Returns the member features that match the given Filter.
 FeatureCollectionType getType()
          Returns the type information for this feature collection.
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Method Detail


FeatureCollectionType getType()
Returns the type information for this feature collection.

Specified by:
getType in interface Feature
the type information, never null


FeatureCollection getMembers(Filter filter,
                             XPathEvaluator<Feature> evaluator)
                             throws FilterEvaluationException
Returns the member features that match the given Filter.

filter - Filter to be applied, must not be null
evaluator - evaluator to use for evaluating XPath expressions, must not be null
matching feature instances as a new FeatureCollection
FilterEvaluationException - if an exception occurs during the evaluation of the Filter

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