Package org.deegree.protocol.wps

Class Summary
AlgorithmDescriptionGenerator This class can used for creating a description for every SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm on the command line.
GeoAlgorithmWithData This class wraps a GeoAlgorithm with its test data.
LiteralExampleData This class wraps all literal test data as static attributes.
SextanteConfigHelper This class writes the description of an SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm to the command line.
TestGeoAlgorithm This class tests all supported SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm of the deegree WPS.
TestVectorLayerAdapter This class tests the functionality of the VectorLayerAdapter.
VectorExampleData This class wraps all geometric test data as static attributes.

Enum Summary
VectorExampleData.GeometryType This enumeration class contains all important geometry types like point, line, polygon, etc. for testing a SEXTANTE GeoAlgorithm.

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