Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

deegree-core-3dData model and rendering for terrain data and buildings
deegree-core-annotationsCustom Java annotations
deegree-core-baseData model for feature data, data model and evaluation for filter expressions, GML readers and writers (needs splitting)
deegree-core-commonsCommon base functionality (needs splitting)
deegree-core-coverageData model for coverage (e.g. raster) data
deegree-core-csCoordinate reference system model, coordinate transformations, CRS readers/writers and CRS persistence
deegree-core-featureData model for features, feature types and application schemas
deegree-core-featureinfoFeatureinfo export utilities (Templating, HTML, format handling)
deegree-core-filterData model and XML readers and writers for filter expressions
deegree-core-filterfunctionsCommon filter functions
deegree-core-geometryData model and utilities for vector geometries
deegree-core-layerData model for map layers
deegree-core-metadataData model and base functionality for metadata records
deegree-core-observationData model for sensor data
deegree-core-remoteowsRemote OGC Web Services as deegree workspace resources
deegree-core-rendering-2dRendering of maps from geospatial data
deegree-core-sqldialectCommon interfaces for supporting SQL dialects and specific dialect implementations
deegree-core-styleData model and readers/writers for render styles
deegree-core-themeData model for map layer themes
deegree-core-tileData model for map tiles
deegree-core-timeTemporal model
deegree-core-protocolClients for remote OGC Web Services