Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

deegree-services-commonsBase interfaces and common functionality for OGC Web Service implementations
deegree-services-configREST interface for accessing and modifying deegree workspaces
deegree-services-cswCatalogue Service for the Web (CSW) implementation - Querying and modifying of metadata records for geospatial services and datasets
deegree-services-sosOGC Sensor Observation Service (SOS) implementation - Querying and retrieval of sensor data
deegree-services-wcsOGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) implementation - Rendering of geospatial coverage (e.g. raster) data
deegree-services-wfsOGC Web Feature Service (WFS) implementation - Querying and modifying of geospatial data objects
deegree-services-wmsWeb Map Service (WMS) implementation - Rendering of maps from geospatial data
deegree-services-wmtsOGC Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS) implementation - Accessing of map tiles
deegree-services-wpsOGC Web Processing Service (WPS) implementation - Executing of geospatial processes
deegree-services-wpvsWeb Perspective View Service (WPVS) implementation - Rendering of 3D terrains and objects
deegree-webservicesWebapp that includes deegree WMS, WFS, CSW, WPS, common datastore modules and service administration console
deegree-webservices-handbookDocumentation for using and configuring deegree Web Services