Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

deegree-workspace-aixmExample configuration for deploying AIXM data via deegree WFS
deegree-workspace-alkisExample configuration for deploying ALKIS via deegree WFS and WMS
deegree-workspace-compliance-testsConfiguration for the OGC CITE test suites
deegree-workspace-cswExample configuration for deploying a deegree CSW that serves ISO metadata
deegree-workspace-csw-memory-testsConfiguration for running the BKG CSW test suite with memory metadata store.
deegree-workspace-csw-testsConfiguration for running the BKG CSW test suite
deegree-workspace-geoscimlExample configuration for deploying GeoSciML via deegree WFS and WMS
deegree-workspace-inspireExample configuration for setting up INSPIRE View and Download Services using deegree WFS and WMS
deegree-workspace-osmExample configuration for a web mapping setup using OpenStreetMap data
deegree-workspace-utahExample configuration for a web mapping setup using deegree WMS, WMTS and WFS
deegree-workspace-wctsExample configuration for deploying a coordinate transformation service via deegree WPS
deegree-workspace-wpsExample configuration for deploying processes using a deegree WPS
deegree-workspace-wps-jrxmlExample configuration for deploying processes for printing maps via deegree WPS
deegree-workspace-wpvsExample configuration for setting up a deegree WPVS
deegree-workspace-xplan40Example configuration for deploying XPlan GML 4.0 via deegree WFS and WMS